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Here at The Aquarium, we are so confident in the quality of our livestock, we include a half price guarantee with all fish. Official livestock policy details are listed below.

Livestock Policy

The Aquarium DOES NOT guarantee any livestock if:

  • It has died after: 24 hours Saltwater / 14 days Freshwater / 7 days Reptiles.
  • It has any signs of fighting with tank mates or other compatibility related problems.
  • It jumps from the aquarium.
  • The water does not test within safe parameters.
  • The aquarium is not suited for a particular species.
  • It is not a fish/reptile. We do not guarantee amphibians or invertebrates (corals, crustaceans, snails, etc.).
  • It was improperly acclimated.
  • The receipt and water sample are not returned.

What do I do if my fish dies?

If livestock happens to die within: 24 hours Saltwater/14 days Freshwater/7 days Reptiles after purchase please follow the following instructions exactly:

  • Remove fish/reptile from enclosure immediately
  • Place fish/reptile in a bag and then freeze (fins spread outward).
  • Collect a separate water sample from the aquarium. (About 1 inch in a ziplock bag.)
  • Call The Aquarium at (801) 255-3698. Speak with an employee or leave a detailed message.
  • Bring in your receipt, fish/reptile, and water sample for analysis. **If the fish/reptile shows NO SIGNS of fighting (nipped fins etc.) and the water tests within safe parameters a credit of 1/2 the purchase price of the item will be issued as a livestock credit.

How do I use my credit?

Livestock credits may only be used for livestock purchases in the store. Dry goods will have to be paid for separately.


Thank you for shopping at The Aquarium!!