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Aquariums are very easy and can be low maintenance if set up and maintained properly. Let our trained staff educate you about the care and setup of your aquarium. Below are some common mistakes that can easily be avoided making your aquarium hobby much more enjoyable.

Moving Too Fast
Many people report problems after they have put their first tank together. Usually it is  because they are just moving too fast! It is important to take the time to learn a few basics about the hobby. You can’t just fill up an aquarium with water, put fish in it, and then expect them to live. Stable aquariums are a balanced eco-system which need time to naturally establish.

Overloading the System
A problem that goes hand-in-hand with moving too fast is introducing too much livestock into the aquarium all at once, especially in a tank that is not fully cycled (established), or has just completed the cycling process. Even in a well established system, placing too many new additions into the tank too quickly can cause problems. Slow down! Aquarium keeping is not a timed event, please be patient. An aquarium takes a few months to establish.

Inadequate Filtration and Water Circulation
Having sufficient filtration is a primary key to success in keeping an aquarium. There are a number of filtration methods to choose from. Not making the right filter selection for the type of aquarium planned can lead to a wide variety of problems. Simply put, the goal is to properly filter out the waste being produced by the aquarium inhabitants as quickly as it is introduced.

Fish require far less food than one might assume. Be sure to feed your fish only what they will eat in a three minute period twice per day. Automatic feeders are also available, which makes the feeding chore not a chore at all.

Livestock Incompatibility
Purchasing livestock without knowing whether or not they will peacefully reside with other tank-mates can lead to dead, injured, and stressed animals. Be sure to have our associates help you with the proper selection of your next tank-mate.

Lack of Proper Tank Maintenance
To avoid the usual pitfalls with problems in this area of aquaria keeping, set up and follow a regular maintenance routine, a properly filtered aquarium should require only about 30 minutes of maintenance per week. The key is to stay consistent.


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